To better serve you we are transitioning into a Patient Centered Medical Home. A Patient Centered Medical Home is not a building, house, or a hospital, but rather an approach to providing comprehensive health care. A Medical Home is called a "Home" because we'd like our office to be the first place you think of for all your medical needs. With your medical home, you will join a team that includes health care professionals, trusted friends or family members (if you wish), and --most importantly-- YOU. To provide you with optimal care, we encourage each patient to choose a personal clinician. This allows your clinician to better serve you. If you need help choosing a clinician, one of our patient service representatives would be glad to help. Call our office at 606-348-3365 and choose one of the following options. To reach the care team for Dr. Petrenko, Bonnie Stockton, APRN, or Jason Hicks, APRN Option 1 To reach the care team for Sheryl Polk, APRN, Sarah DeBord Weddle, APRN or Susan Sloan, APRN Option 2 To reach the care team for Dr. Sherrell Roberts, Dr. Martinez, Dr. Mayer Option 3 To reach the care team for Dr. McFarland, Carl Coffey, APRN, or Misty Cundiff, APRN Option 4